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The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-TLX) from the TLX series is an extraordinary pipe feeder, known for its exceptional lightness, strength and versatility. Its innovative modular design, featuring an ultra-light carbon fiber drive unit, achieves a remarkable 30% reduction in weight and an increase in strength compared to previous models. The 1-TLX features an interchangeable gear drive system that provides an additional 25% speed and power control, achieving up to 200kg push/pull strength in slow gear mode with just one motor, making it an outstanding all-in-one powerhouse. Additionally, the 1-TLX features a highly modular design, ensuring quick assembly, tool-free cartridge replacement and easy maintenance.

Converting the 1-TLX into various configurations such as Dual Lance (2-TLX), Triple Lance (3-TLX), Quadruple Lance (4-TLX) or Quintuple Lance Feeder (5-TLX) is a seamless process with the TLX series. Thanks to its modular design, the 1-TLX can be effortlessly transformed using conversion kits specifically designed for each configuration. This ensures a smooth and straightforward conversion process, allowing operators to adapt the equipment to different requirements with ease.

Lightweight components

The 1-TLX is built using our most reliable components, achieving a remarkable 30% reduction in weight while simultaneously increasing its strength. Equipped with an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber drive unit and corrosion-resistant self-lubricating chains, this feeder boasts an enhanced design that ensures exceptional handling and swift assembly.

All-in-one powerhouse

The state-of-the-art gear drive system, together with a pair of durable Atlas Copco motors, transforms the 1-TLX into an unrivaled all-in-one powerhouse. Equipped with two supplementary gears, the 1-TLX allows for speed increases up to 125% or reductions down to 75% beyond the standard speed control. Moreover, the Atlas Copco motors are specifically designed for the 1-TLX, delivering an impressive push/pull strength of up to 200 kg (441 lb) in low gear mode.

Highly versatile

The Peinemann 1-TLX is the most versatile pipe feeder in the industry. Its modular design allows quick assembly, tool-free cartridge replacement, and easy maintenance. In addition, the 1-TLX can easily be converted into a Dual Lance (2-TLX), Triple Lance (3-TLX), Quadruple Lance (4-TLX) or Quintuple Lance Feeder (5-TLX).

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