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The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-XS) from the XS series stands out as the lightest feeder in the Peinemann product range. Built with our most dependable components, the 1-XS weighs a mere 6.0 kg (13.2 lb) yet boasts greater strength than ever before. This feeder features an ultra-light carbon fiber drive unit and corrosion-resistant self-lubricating chains. Its modular design facilitates tool-free parts replacement and effortless maintenance. Moreover, the compact design enables the 1-XS to operate in confined and challenging spaces. The 1-XS can be easily adapted for various tube and pipe cleaning configurations, enhancing its versatility. Additionally, the Peinemann 1-XS is ATEX-approved and expertly assembled in the Netherlands.

Lightweight components

The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-XS) is a remarkable feeder, built using our most reliable and trusted components, weighing in at only 6.0 kg (13.2 lb) while still stronger than ever before. The 1-XS comes equipped with an ultra-light carbon fiber drive unit, ensuring effortless handling and maneuverability.


The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-XS) is an incredibly versatile feeder that can be configured for both lance and pipe cleaning operations, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in various applications. The 1-XS can be operated with a standard or slow motor, allowing for greater speed and power control. Additionally, the feeder is compatible with a wide range of hose sizes, making it adaptable to different pipe and tube sizes.

Modular design

The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-XS) boasts a highly modular design that enables quick and effortless assembly, tool-free parts replacement and easy maintenance. This feature enhances the 1-XS's overall efficiency and durability, allowing for seamless operations and reduced downtime.

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