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The Peinemann Combi Lifter is available as a versatile and self-supportive piece of equipment that serves two functions: it can be utilized as an integral component of the Aerial Bundle Extractor or employed separately as a bundle lifter. With its adjustable hydraulic cylinders, the Combi Lifter can efficiently lift bundles from extractors, trailers, and rollers. These hydraulic cylinders allow easy adjustment of the clamp configuration, minimizing the risk of tube damage and enhancing operator safety.

Peinemann offers the Combi Lifter in different models, including 30, 53, and 70 tons, catering to a range of lifting requirements. This variety of models ensures that customers can select the appropriate Combi Lifter based on their specific needs and the weight of the bundles they handle.


The Combi Lifter is a self-supportive unit that can lift bundles from extractors, trailers and rollers, and can also function as an integral part of the Aerial Bundle Extractor.


Hydraulic-powered clamps used by the Combi Lifter allow for more efficient lifting of bundles with reduced risk of tube damage, as compared to lifting slings. Additionally, the Combi Lifter allows for faster removal of the bundle from the Aerial Bundle Extractor without disconnecting the crane, saving time during the turnaround process.


The Combi Lifter's functions are all safely controlled using the remote control. It also comes equipped with several safety systems, including holding valves on the load-bearing hydraulic cylinders and nylon safety slings, ensuring safe and secure operation.

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