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The Peinemann Crawler is an exceptional piece of equipment, known for its safety, agility and efficiency in handling bundles. With a robust capacity, it can effortlessly handle bundles weighing up to 25 tons (55,115 lb) and measuring up to 8.0 meters (315.0 in) in length. The Crawler's agility is remarkable, thanks to its independent and transverse control of the front and rear steering. Its wheels can turn up to 180 degrees, providing exceptional manoeuvrability, and the pulling bed can be shifted laterally by up to 0.25 meters (9.8 in), further enhancing its versatility.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of the Crawler. It is equipped with four outriggers that ensure stability during bundle operations, guaranteeing a secure working environment. Additionally, its powerful winch is capable of handling even the most challenging bundles, boasting a maximum pull force of 50 tons (11,023 lb).

Peinemann presents two Crawler models, each designed to cater to different working height requirements. The standard model boasts a remarkable maximum working height of 6.0 meters (236.2 in), providing versatile access to various areas within a plant. On the other hand, the low model offers a slightly reduced maximum working height of 4.0 meters (157.5 in), specifically tailored to excel in reaching exceptionally low and challenging spots that may be difficult to access otherwise. Despite the variation in working height, both models share identical features and capabilities, ensuring consistent performance and functionality across the board.

In addition to the two standard models, Peinemann offers the flexibility to equip the Crawler with various options to suit specific needs. For operations in extremely tight spaces, it is possible to order a Crawler with a short bed configuration, allowing enhanced manoeuvrability and accessibility in cramped environments.  Moreover, the Crawler can be outfitted with a wireless remote control system, enhancing operator convenience and ease of use.


The Crawler efficiently extracts, inserts, and transports bundles up to 25 tons (55,115 lb) in weight and 8.0 meters (315.0 in) in length, increasing operational efficiency during turnarounds.


The Crawler's front and rear steering can be controlled independently and transversely, providing high maneuverability in tight spaces. The wheels can turn up to 180 degrees, allowing the equipment to navigate through narrow passages with ease.


The Crawler is equipped with a remote control (wireless optional) that enables safe operation from a distance. It also comes with a range of standard safety features, including emergency power-off switches and line break safety mechanisms on all load-bearing hydraulic cylinders.

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