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The Peinemann Dome Cleaner is an ideal solution for horizontal bundle cleaning operations, thanks to its highly compact and versatile design. The Dome Cleaner is specifically designed to be set up in tight operating areas, and it can be mounted to the bundle sheet without requiring any tools, using a special locking system.

The Dome Cleaner is highly versatile and can work with the Peinemann 1-XLTC (hose sizes 3/2 - 8/4) and 1-XS (hose sizes 3/2 - 6/2) lance cleaners, as well as a wide range of Peinemann accessories, such as dual camera systems.

Furthermore, the Dome Cleaner is constructed from lightweight and easily transportable components, and it can be assembled in just minutes by a single operator. These features make it highly convenient and efficient to use, and it is the perfect solution for anyone seeking a compact, versatile, and easy-to-assemble indexer for horizontal bundle cleaning operations.


The Dome Cleaner's compact design and versatile configuration allows it to be set up in even the tightest operating areas for efficient horizontal cleaning.


The Dome Cleaner's versatile design enables it to work with a wide range of Peinemann cleaners, including the 1-XLTC (hose sizes 3/2 - 8/4) and 1-XS (hose sizes 3/2 - 6/2) lance cleaners, as well as various Peinemann accessories such as the dual camera system.

Easy to assemble

The Dome Cleaner's lightweight and durable materials allow for easy transportation and assembly by hand, ideal for quick and efficient setup in tight operating areas. Its lightweight components also provide easy maneuverability during cleaning operations.

Product information






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