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The Peinemann Flex Frame 3.0 is the ultimate indexing frame for industrial cleaning operations. With its innovative design and durable components, the Flex Frame offers accurate motorized indexing, making it the most efficient and versatile indexing frame in the industry.

The modular features of the Flex Frame make it highly adaptable and compatible with a wide range of Peinemann cleaning equipment, including the TLX and XLTC. Its left/right and up/down assemblies can be easily adjusted to fit optional 2.5" rails, and the feeder can be mounted to both sides of the up/down assembly, expanding the operating range.

Thanks to its lightweight components, the Flex Frame can be easily transported and assembled by hand, increasing its portability and ease of use. This makes it the perfect indexing tool for any cleaning operation that requires accuracy, versatility, and durability.

In summary, the Peinemann Flex Frame 3.0 is the ultimate indexing frame, offering motorized indexing and a modular design that enhances compatibility and versatility. With its lightweight construction and easy assembly, the Flex Frame is the perfect solution for all your indexing needs.

Efficient cleaning

Peinemann Flex Frame 4" offers accurate and efficient motorized indexing for bundle cleaning operations, streamlining processes and improving productivity. Ideal for precise and efficient industrial cleaning applications.

Highly versatile

The Flex Frame 4" is a versatile indexing frame that works with a range of Peinemann cleaning equipment. Its assemblies can be adjusted to fit 2.5" rails and the feeder can be mounted on either side, increasing its versatility for various cleaning operations.

Easy to assemble

The Flex Frame 4" has lightweight components and an air motor quick-release system that make it easy to assemble manually and increase efficiency.

Product information






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