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The Peinemann Inside Bundle Cleaner (IBC-5) is an exceptionally efficient, reliable and safe piece of equipment designed to clean large numbers of bundles during turnarounds, significantly increasing operation efficiency in the washbay. Its five lances can be operated safely and easily from the cabin, which offers protection against high pressure and contamination while providing an unobstructed view and a comfortable working position. Additionally, the IBC-5 is equipped with multiple safety systems, including emergency stops and a hydraulic lock that engages when the lances enter a tube, ensuring that the equipment operates safely at all times. With a proven track record and continuous development based on field experience, the IBC-5 is a trusted choice for bundle cleaning. The IBC-5 is CE certified and proudly assembled in the Netherlands.

The IBC-5 is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel-powered power unit as the standard setup, which features efficient water-cooling for optimal performance. Additionally, for alternative power options, the IBC-5 can be provided with an electric-powered power unit, offering flexibility to meet specific requirements and preferences.


The IBC-5 is a highly efficient piece of cleaning equipment, with its five lances easily operated from the cabin, delivering quality cleaning results during busy turnarounds.


The IBC-5 is a reliable piece of equipment that is continuously developed based on field experience. It is made from durable components and is CE certified, ensuring its high quality and reliability.


The IBC-5 provides complete operating control from the cabin, which protects the operator from high water pressure and contamination. Additionally, it is equipped with multiple safety systems, including emergency stops, to ensure safe operation at all times.

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