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The Peinemann Multilift 533 is a versatile and lightweight piece of equipment designed for safe and efficient removal of electric motors from air-cooled exchangers. Weighing only 150 kg (330.7 lb), the lifter is made of anodized aluminium and is suitable to drive on narrow walkways with limited load capacities. The Multilift is not limited to lifting electric motors and can also lift other hard-to-reach objects in tight spaces, making it a versatile solution for various applications. The lifter can handle loads up to 500 kg (1,102 lb) located at a maximum height of 2.96 meters (116.5 in).

The Multilift provides high manoeuvrability and stability with its two side wheels with brakes, one castor wheel in the back, and two castor wheels on the outer ends of adjustable arms. These arms can be moved together for high manoeuvrability on the walkways and are spread out for stability when reaching for higher located objects. The lifter also comes standard with a lifting hook to lift objects in hard-to-reach areas and has an optional Turnable Table for exchanging registers in burners.

The hydraulic lifting cylinder is connected to two steel cables which lift the table and is manually controlled by using a hydraulic pump fitted at the back of the lifter. The lifting system uses three telescope sections to reach the desired height. For safety, the up and down operations are done by the hydraulic pump with a two-way valve to control the movement of the load going down.

Additionally, the Multilift has four lifting points and a lifting sling to (un)load the Multilift using a crane. It is CE approved, 3rd party tested and Atex Zone 2 compliant, ensuring its safety and compliance with industry standards.



The Multilift 533 is a versatile, agile and safe piece of equipment designed for the safe and easy exchange of hard-to-reach objects such as electric motors and burner registers weighing up to 500 kg (1,102 lb).


With a low minimum height of only 1,380 mm and a weight of just 150 kg, the Multilift 553 can easily access and maneuver in hard-to-reach areas.


The Multilift 533 comes with a double set of steel cables and hose failure protection for added safety. In addition, a two-way valve ensures the lifting mechanism can be forced down in case of emergency.

Product information






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