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The Peinemann Orion Indexer is a compact and versatile solution for setting up cleaning operations in tight and challenging operating areas. Thanks to its lightweight yet strong components, the Orion Indexer can be used for both horizontal and vertical cleaning. Its versatile design enables it to work seamlessly with the Peinemann 1-XLTC and 1-XS lance cleaners, which support a range of hose sizes from 3/2 to 8/4 and 3/2 to 6/2, respectively. Additionally, a variety of Peinemann accessories are available for the Orion Indexer, such as the Orion Adapterplate and Gun Adapter. The indexer can be easily transported by hand and assembled in minutes by a single operator, making it the ideal solution for those seeking a compact, versatile, and easy-to-assemble indexing system.


The compact and versatile design of the Orion Indexer enables it to be easily set up in tight and challenging operating areas, providing horizontal and vertical cleaning configurations with ease.


The versatile design of the Orion Indexer allows for compatibility with a variety of Peinemann cleaners and accessories.

Easy to assemble

Thanks to its lightweight components, the Orion Indexer can be easily transported and assembled by hand, making it a convenient solution for various cleaning applications.

Product information






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