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The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-XLTC) is a lightweight and modular equipment that is ideal for operating in tight and challenging areas. Its lightweight yet strong and durable components make it a reliable choice for various tube and pipe cleaning applications. The 1-XLTC features a versatile design that is compatible with a wide range of hose sizes, and its modular components make cartridge replacement easy. The XLTC is also quick to assemble and requires minimal maintenance. This ATEX-approved equipment is assembled in the Netherlands, ensuring its high quality.

The 1-XLTC is available in five setups. The 1-XLTC + Orion Indexer and 1-XLTC + Dome Cleaner Setups are designed for seamless integration with the Orion Indexer and Dome Cleaner, respectively. In these two setups, the 1-XLTC is controlled using a 3-Way Remote Control. The 1-XLTC Handheld Setup features a handheld motor, providing a powerful solution for tube cleaning by hand. Furthermore, the 1-XLTC Pipe Cleaning Setup setup is specifically designed for remote-controlled pipe cleaning jobs. There is also a 1-XLTC Pipe Cleaning Setup with two motors. This Double-Motor Pipe Cleaning Setup also enables the 1-XLTC to be used with a Flex Frame, allowing efficient cleaning of large diameter tubes, commonly found in evaporators. For more information on the available setups for the 1-XLTC, please get in touch.

Lightweight components

The Peinemann 1-XLTC tube feeder is a lightweight and durable equipment with a small drive unit, making it easy to operate in tight and challenging areas. Its proven components ensure reliable performance, making it a dependable choice for tube cleaning applications.


The Peinemann 1-XLTC tube feeder is a versatile equipment that works with a range of hose sizes and can convert into a pipe cleaner for efficient cleaning of small-diameter pipes.

Modular design

The Peinemann 1-XLTC tube feeder features a highly modular design that allows for quick and easy assembly, tool-free cartridge replacement and low maintenance requirements.

Product information






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