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The Peinemann Aerial Bundle Extractor (ABE) is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that offers efficiency, reliability and safety for bundle extraction. Its slim and self-contained design enables operators to extract and insert bundles with ease and efficiency, while minimizing any impact on the surrounding structure. Developed over years of hands-on field experience, the ABE is assembled using dependable and durable components, ensuring its longevity and reliability as a machine.

The ABE prioritizes safety and is equipped with multiple standard safety features. It can also be operated remotely, providing enhanced operator safety during operations. Peinemann offers various models and sizes of Aerial Bundle Extractors to cater to a wide range of demanding tasks. The large ABE model, for example, is capable of extracting bundles weighing up to 125 tons.

Additionally, the ABE seamlessly integrates with the Peinemann Combi Lifter, a complementary equipment designed to lift the Aerial Bundle Extractor while inserting and extracting bundles. Once the Aerial Bundle Extractor with an extracted bundle is placed on the ground, the Combi Lifter easily disconnects from the ABE frame and can effortlessly pick up the bundle.

For detailed information on our available ABE models and sizes, please refer to the table below. If you require a custom ABE size, feel free to contact the Peinemann sales team for personalized assistance.


The slim and self-contained design of the Peinemann Aerial Bundle Extractor makes bundle extracting easy, with a powerful winch that can handle even the most challenging bundles.


Peinemann's experience in the field led to the development of a reliable generation of Aerial Bundle Extractors.


The Aerial Bundle Extractor comes with a spark arrestor and can be safely operated remotely.

Product information






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